maandag 3 december 2012

Problemen Audi CA 24 a

Onderstaande bericht kreeg ik via de importeur van

Dear customer,
unfortunately, for reasons that are difficult to understand, but that are most likely due to a defective glue of layer in the decal sheet, part of the chromed roof decals used on model CA24a Audi R18 may appear damaged (wrinkled or detached) on cars currently being in shops. We believe that the issue has developed during transportation, while the decal dried out, as the models had no sign of such problem in production, when we performed our usual quality check.
In order to fix this, we are preparing a repair kit which can be sent free of charge to any customer requesting it. The kit will include two copies of all the necessary parts to replace the damaged decal, to restore the car to the original expected decoration, and will be ready in approximately 15 days.
We apologize for the trouble caused.
Please rest reassured that the forthcoming Lola Rebellion, Audi CA01-10th, and R18 LeMans winner 2011 (CW12) are not made using the same technique and do not have any of the aforementioned issues.

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