woensdag 28 maart 2012

Slot.it Mazda CA 15 nieuws

Dear Customer,

the 'Sugo 550km' CA15C is the first Mazda to come updated with EVO6, offset 0.5mm, 16.5mm rear tyres. Nice, if you ask me.
The original Mazda body was not EVO6 compatible, so we had to modify it: the rear radiator on the left side of the car is now detachable, and the exhaust on the right side must be removed to fit the 6 screws pod. Chassis can be made with 4 (compatible with all bodies) or 6 screw posts, and they will both be available as spare.
The box stock car comes assembled with 6 posts pod, plus a 4 posts chassis under the base of the car. The rear left radiator, and the right exhaust, are under the base of the car, too.
The customer can decide whether the car has to be a shelf queen, in which case he should put radiator and exhaust back on the body, and reassemble the complete chassis with the provided 4 holes unit, or leave it as it is, replace the rear wing with the racing one which can be found under the base, and take her to the track :)


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