dinsdag 14 februari 2012

Racer/ Sideways Ford Capri

SW14 Wurth - DRM 1981 - K.Ludwig
Eur 59,95 
Glad to send you herewith the final price for next new Group5 Capri Zakspeed.
The car will be equipped with the Slot.It FLAT6 new motor and with our new Motor mount angle winder. The car is released with 0.0 offset rear axle support but versions for offset - 0,5 and - 1,0
will be supplied together with the car or with motor mount when sold as spare part.
Chassis is conceived anyway to also accept every kind of Slot.It motor mount in case.
Our aim is that our customers, with such a big range of different configurations, will not
have to spend extra money for race tuning. Motor mount adapters for different motor type will also be together with the car.

Delivery of first Group 5 car - SW14 - Capri Zakspeed WURTH - Nurburgring 1981 is expected
by the end of april.
Voorbestellingen : www.frankslot.nl

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