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Avantslot catalogus en visie voor het komende jaar

After this year's edition of Nürnberg Toy Fair, Avant Slot publishes its
Catalogue 2012, available from now on to download from the following link :


As we have shared with many of you during the Fair, in our selective market
of collectors and choicy racers it makes no sense to deliver 20 to 30 new
releases per year. In this time of economic downturn, Avant Slot wants to
take care of the situation of our final customers and give them the time to
gather money to be able to complete our collection of cars. Therefore, Avant
Slot cars will be available for longer time.

To be customer oriented means that in 2012 Avant Slot Catalogue you will
find all the new cars that we have made recently, and that will still be
available at least until next year. Our company will join efforts with you
in order to promote and advertise the three pillars of Avant Slot's added

QUALITY : Most important piece of news is that Avant Slot's production is
coming back to Spain in 2012. With this decision of « Made in Spain « ,
Avant Slot shows its strong committment to quality and customer service, far
beyond any other offer in the market. The aim is to provide better
performing cars which can allow for a greater degree of customization and
adaptability to demand.

TECHNOLOGY : Avant Slot's research and development of new products better
fit for those who prize performance above all. Lighter bodies ; varied
assortment of materials in chassis production to allow for adaptability to
different kind of tracks; new motor pods for both in-line and angle-winder
settings with added adjustability to have a perfect gear fit and
distribution of weights... All combinations compatible, to increase the fun
but not the complexity of tuning up the cars.

SERVICE : customers first. Final customers are in Avant Slot's mind when we
design our products. Our motto is « if it's not fun, we don't make it ». A
comprehensive post-sales service is the third pillar that adds value to our
products. Avant Slot has now a much closer contact with the customers
throughout all the new and existing media (facebook, YouTube, Flickr,
Twitter). Last year we have visited some countries where Avant Slot is
distributed (Malta, United Kingdom, Denmark and Sweden ; this year Germany
and probably some others). These marketing actions help us better understand
the needs of our final customers from different places, and teach us how can
we help you, Avant Slot distributors, to increase business. On the other
side, Avant Slot has started a communication campaign to inform about the
full equipment, dimensions and weights of our cars, in order to facilitate
the use and combination of Avant Slot products.

Such a demanding strategy and high value can only be reached with effort and
some concessions. One of them is that there will be a 10% increase in the
price of 1 :32 cars from now on. However, this increase will not affect to
the rest of the products in Avant Slot's range, like spare parts, electronic
devices, tools and 1 :24 scale products, which will have the same price as
last year.


First release on 2012, available from now on, is Lotus Elise GT1  ref: 51606
, white kit car.

This white kit includes :
-       Unmounted white car body, which weights ONLY 8,5g ! Once all
elements are mounted on the car body (except the cockpit), the complete
weight is 12g, a highly competitive feature.
-       Unmounted painted cockpit and hubs.
-       Chassis mounted with the following settings : aluminium aloy rims,
Avant Slot's Hurricane motor (27.000 rpm) with angle-winder setting,
calibrated axles and 27z aluminium crown.

Dimmensions (milimetres)                 
Lenght  143,50 
Height  34,37   
Width   64,50   
wheelbase        85,00  
Weigth (gramms)         
total   81,60   
body works      19,80   
with lexan cockpit      12,00   

This is the full list of items mounted in this chassis, together with
reference number and description :

Motor   20102 < http://www.avantslot.com/producto/20102.jpg>     Motor
HURRICANE - 27.000 r.p.m's - 10gr - CL 
Tires   20301 < http://www.avantslot.com/producto/20301.jpg>     Rubber tyres
(2 front + 2 rear)     
Rear axle       20402 < http://www.avantslot.com/producto/20402.jpg>
Steel Axle 55mm (x2)   
Bearings         20405 < http://www.avantslot.com/producto/20405.jpg>
Teflon bushing (x2)    
Front axle      20406 < http://www.avantslot.com/producto/20406.jpg>
Front semi axles (x2)  
Guide   20506 < http://www.avantslot.com/producto/20506.jpg>     Complete
Chassis 20521 < http://www.avantslot.com/producto/20521.jpg>     Chassis T4-
Normal-Kremer-Lotus-New Version
Motor pod       20525 < http://www.avantslot.com/producto/20525.jpg>
Anglewinder Motor Support      
Pinion  20613 < http://www.avantslot.com/producto/20613.jpg>     Pinion 10z-
Ø5,5mm (x2)    
Crown   20621 < http://www.avantslot.com/producto/coronas.jpg>   Aluminium
crown angle winder 27z 
Front rims      20701 < http://www.avantslot.com/producto/20701.jpg>
Complete plastic rims  
Rear rims       20712 < http://www.avantslot.com/producto/20712.jpg>
Aluminium rims 16,5x10 (x2)    
Braids  20801 < http://www.avantslot.com/producto/20801.jpg>     Plated braid
Allen Screws    20902 < http://www.avantslot.com/producto/20902.jpg>
Allen Screws M2 x7     
Screws  20903 < http://www.avantslot.com/producto/20903.jpg>     Car body
screws (x8)    
Magnet  20907 < http://www.avantslot.com/producto/20907.jpg>     Magnet (x2)

Motor screws    20908 < http://www.avantslot.com/producto/20908.jpg>
Motor screws (x4)      

Second piece of news for 2012 belongs to the spare-parts range. They are the
new CNC alluminium motor supports ready to be used in the new generation of
speed-chassis, easier to mount and tune-up. A feature that will increase the
fun and the fight for the first place in races.

Ref: 20528 - Aluminium in-line motor pod. Two precision ball bearings 2,38mm
(3/32") are included in the pack. This motor pod fits in every one of the
last generation of chassis for Avant Slot speed cars (T2, T3, T4 and T5).
The motor pod is build using CNC, in a green anodized color. This motor pod
can be used with all long case, short case and "flat" type motors. Another
new feature is that distance between motor and rails can be adjusted, and
increase or reduce in this way the downward magnetic force and the effective
weight of the car.

Ref: 20529 - Aluminium motor pod for angle-winder motor setting. Two
precision ball bearings 2,38mm (3/32") are included in the pack.
This motor pod can be mounted as well in every one of Avant Slot's last
generation chassis and in every speed car that Avant Slot makes. The motor
pod is made of mechaning Aluminium worked by CNC, painted using anodizing
process in a green color with extremly high quality. All long case, short
case motors and "flat" motors can be used in this motor pod. Besides, the
very new feature of this motor pod, never seen before in 1 :32 scale, is the
adjustability of the distance between motor and rear axle. This new feature
will allow the even finer tuning of the gear until it reaches the optimum
gear assembly.
From now on, no matter which pinion-crown gear you want to fit into the car,
it can be done with the optimum assembly, perfect contact between teeth,
maximum power with the minimum noise. A world of possibilities is now wide

We strongly recomended to use the rear shock absorver system (ref: 20527)
together with this pod. It will improve even further performance of the car
and weights distribution in movement.


Following our policy of updates about new cars arriving, this newsletter has
to finish with the foreseen next releases. Pre-sales and pre-orders can be
sent for the following cars which are expected to arrive very soon.

Ref. 51006 :    Subaru Imprezza Gr.N - Enrique Gª Ojeda
Launch date:    March 2012

Ref. 51501 :    Opel Manta - Rothmans
Launch date:    March 2012

Ref. 50805 :    Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X - Armindo Araujo
Launch date:    April 2012

Ref. 51604 :    Lotus Elise - Le Mans
Launch date:    April 2012

With warm regards,

Avant Slot Team

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