zaterdag 21 januari 2012

Slot-it 2012 wordt een heel mooi jaar !!!

We are glad to send you the list of models that we'll announce in Nuernberg, covering year 2012.
Please find it attached. As you can see, five new moulds are listed in 2012: Lancia Lc2 and Lola B09, that you already knew about and are delayed from 2011 but finally arriving, the Audi R18, and the yet undisclosed Porsche GT1 EVO 98 and Porsche 962 IMSA.

Dear friend,
we hope you to share our passion for slot cars with you again this year. Please find attached the list of expected cars for 2012 from
Overall, there will be 5 new moulds - two of which, the Lancia LC2 and the Lola, being late from 2011 but now ready. The other, and new, ones being the already announced Audi R18, plus the yet undisclosed Porsche 911 GT1 EVO 98, and Porsche 962 IMSA.
We celebrate 10 years of Audi R8C in 2012. Hence, we will remake a special car from the old Audi R8C moulds (CA01). Special box, too. This is how we started, with the car that marked a before and an after.
We also pay homage to the giants upon whose shoulders we are standing on with the #66 Chaparral 2E special sleeve (inside which there's #66 Riverside 2E in standard plastic box). Cox and Chaparral marked an era in their own field, and we feel that our once in a lifetime opportunity to make Jim Hall's own Chaparral 2E #66 deserved something appropriate.
It is worth noting that starting in 2012, all GT cars will come with AW as standard, with FLAT6 open can motor. This is a major change which we believe further raises the performance of our box stock cars.

Kind regards

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