vrijdag 25 november 2011

Tatraplan Sport T602 #6

Start No. 6, Grand Prix in Brno in Czechoslovakia driven by Josef Chovanec in 1953, original engine Tatra V8 aircooled.
Model description:
Strong Motor FARO-Super (Motraxx X-Drive)
2 magnets (adjustable)
Car body made of PU with some small parts of PA
Tripple acrylic painting with stickers
Chassis molded of PA6 with 10% glas fibres
Dimension L127 x W43 x H38mm
Weight 76g
Max. Speed 5.9m/Sec
Change to Digital style by using of Universal Circuity possible
Acrylic Show Box 176x98x78mm.

Goedkoop is de auto niet.... 74,40 is de adviesprijs

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