maandag 7 november 2011 nieuws

we would like to inform you concerning the following points:

some item code are changed from now on:

PA01 will be replaced by PA01-54
PA01-50 will be replaced by PA01-51
PT32 will be replaced by PT2120C1

All the items above are available.

So, in order to summarize the axles situation, below please find all the axles purchase codes:
PA01-45  -  Axle 3/32"x45mm (2x)
PA01-48  -  Axle 3/32"x48mm (2x)
PA01-48R  -  Axle 3/32" x48mm, rectified (2x)
PA01-51  -  Axle 3/32" x50mm (2x)
PA01-51R  -  Axle 3/32" x51mm, rectified (2x)
PA01-54  -  Axle 3/32" x54mm (2x)
PA01-54H  -  Axle 3/32" x54mm, hollow (2x)
PA01-54R  -  Axle 3/32" x54mm, rectified (2x)

Concerning V12/3 motors, we inform that from November the 1st
21500RPM short can motors (MX06, MF06, MS06 and MN06 - orange endbell)
and 29000RPM short can motors (MX10, MF10, MS10 and MN10 - red endbell)
are sold without brass eyelets.

Discontinued items:
CH34, PT05, CS15t, MX12, SCP02d, CS11t.

CH34, CS15t and CS11t will be replaced by new items - but they are not available at the moment
We'll inform about these new codes as soon as possible.

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