donderdag 3 november 2011

Avant Slot news

What follows is a list of the next Avant Slot releases. Please get your newsletters updated and ask for pre-orders from your customers. Christmas time is coming and it is time to write a letter to St. Nicholas or to the Three Wise Men, depending on how good you were this year of 2011.

AVANT SLOT releases already available since November 1st:

* 50212 Pescarolo Mazda Barcelona 2009 No.24

Drivers: Jacques Nicolet (France) Richard Hein (Monaco) Jean-François Yvon (France). Final clasification in Barcelona 11th (5th of LMP2)

* 50213 Pescarolo Mazda Barcelona 2009 No.35

Drivers: Mathieu Lahaye (France) Karim Aljani (France) Guillaume Moreau (France). Final clasification in Barcelona 12th (6th of LMP2)

The two Pescarolos run in the LMP2 cathegory in Barcelona LMES 2009 and in LeMans later on, with slight changes on the cars. Neither of them won the races, however, they had a good performance.

Also already available from now on is Avant Slot's:
* 50605 Porsche Spyder Essex Le Mans 2009 No. 31

That same year of 2009, the winner of the LMP2 was the Team Essex running with a Porsche Spyder. The drivers Emmanuel Collard (France) Kristian Poulsen (Denmark) Casper Elgaard (Denmark) completed 257 laps in the French circuit. The RS Spyder of the Danish customer team beat its rivals in the LMP2 class by 15 laps.

SOON AVAILABLE. Starting on the second part of November, Avant Slot will release:

* 51303 Porsche Kremer K8 Repsol LeMans 1997 No. 5
Drivers: Tomas Saldaña (Spain), Carl Rosenblad (Sweden) and Jürgen Lässig (Germany). They couldn't finish the race, abandoned being 36th.

* 50312 Peugeot 908 Playstation LeMans 2009 no. 17
The car dominated Sebring race in 2009, although at last Audi won by 20seconds. In LeMans the car was lent to Pescarolo Sport team the and driven by: Jean-Christophe Boullion (France) Benoît Tréluyer (France) Simon Pagenaud (France), where they made a very good first half of the race, but had a violent crash during the night and couldn't finish the race.

And last, but not least, the beautiful beast, who wouldn't like to drive this beauty?
* 51601 Lotus Elisse Gt1 - black edition Street Car

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