dinsdag 3 mei 2011

Sloting plus nieuws

De Reynard komt in drie verschillende kleuren uit.
Dit in een speciale lichtgewicht race uitvoering.

 Bij de auto wordt een geheel poppetje, weel-inserts etc bijgeleverd om de auto ies echter te laten lijken.

Commentaar van Sloting-plus:
Here are some other photos about coloured cars where you can see how the NEW hard chassis SLPL 090102 is mounted !
Also, and important i think, we join for each car all the parts shown in the photo joined ( complete black ABS cockpit, white ABS driver, black inserts with brake disc integrated, screws, washers, plastic stoppers and grub screws for front axle )
Take note mechanical parts are made in Spain and final assembling is hand made in Spain too ! We put 4 special screws SLPL 9280 for body and rear of motor pod fixation directly on the car and the front hook is painted in red ...

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