vrijdag 22 april 2011


Op italiaslot het verbijsterende verhaal van een man die ondanks zijn handicap toch mee deed aan een 24 uurs race. Op deze link kan je met behulp van google translator meer lezen: http://www.italiaslot.com/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=3626
Hier een foto van de gadget die samenwerkt met de regelaar van Slot.it.

Op slotcarillustrated commentaar van Maurizio:
Ehm, sorry to dissent guys.
I'm just the 'mechanic' (I admit the idea and engineering was mine but that's it) but the braveheart is Lorenzo! And his whole family is also a great example.
It was a honor racing with Salvatore Noviello (Mr. NSR) and the other guys, Paco Ballotta, Emilio Simonini, Stefano Mazzarella.
For those who don't understand Italian (I guess most of you don't) - Lorenzo Fallini, a former accomplished slot racing champion, was left quadriplegic in a rugby accident. He is on breathing support too. With his, and his family's, encouragement, I've designed a mouth operated sensor which is interfaced to a SCP-1 unit. Lorenzo enthusiastically accepted to take part to the NSR World Endurance 24hrs and Salvatore, the other friends and I joined forces to race together with a good friend and great guy (I really mean it - Lorenzo is a great guy).
Please understand that this is not a one-off effort out of compassion: this is about putting him back where he belongs, overcoming what's seemingly impossible. It was Lorenzo's first try and he's been able to drive for 3 stints of 40 minutes each, pulling an average of 155 laps. Normally, he would have probably scored around 200 laps, while an 'average' driver may have done 190-195. So we are already talking about being 75% of a peak performance here! With some developments in the hardware and software, which will make things smoother for him, and more training on Lorenzo's side, I am pretty convinced that he'll be able to get to the same performance of a 'finger actuated' driver.


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