dinsdag 15 maart 2011

Faro Nieuws

It was not posible to finish the long-prepared Tatraplan Sports, due to the missing data of the rear sections of the car. (FARO was preparing four versions simultaneously, each car body is different).

The first up will be the car with starting number 22, with whom Bruno Sojka started in Grand Prix of Czechoslovakia in 1949 at the Brno circuit. Only 500 models will be produced, which will be intended mainly for collectors.
The displayed car started in the twelve-hour endurance race in Brno, in 1950. Crew Pavelka / Ing. Sojka has won the race. Because this Tatraplan Sport has five major differences compared to the car from 1949, which is why a new, relevant, master had to be made. Test of the new Tatraplan Sport will be a part of the new issue of SLOTLOOK magazine 2011/1.

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